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Little Momma


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Little Momma_Main Dining_Surfboard Table

A fun, youthful paradise, Little Momma elicits the warm glow of nostalgia, while at the same time feeling current. An intentional blend of sunny tones, saturated colors and light, natural wood creates an approachable atmosphere filled with comfort, while contemporary art and a touch of neon keeps the space feeling fresh. 

Little Momma_Neon Sign_Lounge 2_9.30.19.

Weaving through the vibrant interior, a retro layer reveals itself in a collection of eclectic knick-knacks dressing custom shelves that stack to the ceiling. Thoughtful details truly elevate the fast casual experience, making Little Momma a series of feel good moments.

Little Momma_Main Dining 2_9.30.19.JPG
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