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Kayce Carter

After graduating with honors from Harrington College of Design, Kayce began her career at Playboy Enterprises in the interiors department with a focus on brand management, later moving on to become a member of Karen's interior design team at 555. Kayce has worked with Karen for nine years and now leads the Studio K commercial design team. Kayce has spearheaded Studio K's design efforts for Core Campus' successful high end student housing projects as well as high-rise, luxury condominiums. Her attention to detail and diligent oversight provide an invaluable resource at every stage of the design process. 



Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Interior Design, Harrington College of Design

Notable Projects 

Capital One Airport Lounges, National Rollout

CORE Spaces, National Rollout

UMMO, Chicago

jaja, Cleveland

Pioneer, Cleveland 

Leaps & Bounds, Cleveland

In Progress

Cabot, Revelstoke

Ebbit House, Resto, VA

Cordelia Fishbar

Maple & Ash, Miami 



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