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Welcome to UMMO - where design meets the soulful rhythm of music, shaping a unique dining experience that harmonizes with your senses. Inspired by the vibrant music scene of Chicago, our restaurant is a testament to the diversity of sounds that have shaped the city.

Upstairs vs. Downstairs: Upstairs embraces a more casual, dynamic atmosphere with vintage inspirations and a social club feeling. The private club area, featuring brassie style seating and eclectic vintage pieces, offers a different dynamic on the same floor.

Why UMMO and The Loft?

The name encapsulates the essence of the project – a fusion of 'Umo' and 'The Loft,' reflecting the dual personality of the space. The design process has been a journey of rediscovery for Karen, the visionary behind it all. With the freedom to be an artist, she found joy in executing her craft after years of churning out restaurant designs.

UMMO is more than a restaurant; it's an artistic expression, a fusion of music, design, and culinary artistry that invites you to experience the soul of Chicago's diverse cultural tapestry. Welcome to UMMO – where every note, every dish, and every detail tells a story.


Ummo Nov 2023_036.jpg
Ummo Nov 2023_012.jpg
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