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Sunda Fulton Market
COACT Agency

Luxury Restaurant of the Year, Winner

Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2024

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On the alluring sultry vibes that have become synonymous to its popular River North location. Inspired by the rich Pan-Asian cultures we find ourselves surrounded by curated artifacts that tell a story both global and deeply personal.


Warm neutrals and rich deep textures reveal a space that is as inviting as it is intriguing. This inward focused restaurant, with its clean lines and dramatic bamboo veil, sets the stage for the next generation of dining that embraces the grit of the West Loop while celebrating the drama that Sunda has become known for.

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The Capiz shells above the bar are our main focal point as guests enter and are important to feature as Capiz shells originated from the Islands of the Philippines where Billy’s family is from. It was important to create layers on the walls, by mixing and matching colors, textures, and patterns without being too serious about. Sunda is a true celebration of New Asian flavors.

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