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We created our first tile collection in partnership with Sabine Hill during the designing of Cochon Volant. The Brasserie Collection is a line of 18 cement tiles inspired by a contemporary French bistro. While Cochon Volant has accents of yellow, the patterns can be customized to any color. A diverse design, we’ve installed the Brasserie Collection in other properties including Hotel Zachary.

studio k tile-04.jpg
studio k tile-05.jpg
studio k tile-06.jpg
studio k tile-07.jpg
studio k tile-08.jpg
studio k tile-09.jpg
studio k tile-10.jpg
studio k tile-11.jpg
studio k tile-12.jpg
studio k tile-14.jpg
studio k tile-13.jpg
studio k tile-15.jpg
studio k tile-16.jpg
studio k tile-17.jpg
studio k tile-18.jpg
studio k tile-19.jpg
studio k tile-20.jpg
studio k tile-21.jpg
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